As an organization led by industry professionals, Datamaxis places great importance on the healthcare sector. With our deep knowledge and expertise in this field, we have taken a consultative approach and successfully provided solutions and tools that cover all aspects of the patient-focused journey map. Our efforts in this area include the creation of various accelerators and resources.

Industry trends and customer needs

Healthcare for both providers and payers is going through tumultuous change. The pandemic, legal and regulatory changes, privacy and cyber security concerns, and the continuing drive to improve quality and cut costs are all hitting simultaneously. Let’s look briefly at some of the IT-related changes.

Healthcare Analytics

At both the personal and the societal level, better understanding of healthcare data and taking actions based on that data has become critical to providing higher quality care and lowering healthcare costs. The insights available from this data can drive everything from improved wellness plans to more personalized patient care and faster development of new drugs and vaccines.